How to Encourage Children

To everyone who is hurting or knows someone who is

help is on the way.

Healing phrases and tips you must know to ENCOURAGE your friends now!

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David’s Self-Encouragement Cycle-A Model for YOU!

Would you like to start a journey out of the pit of despair and discouragement? Would you like to experience God’s power in the
midst of a heavy heart? Would you like to learn the skill of encouraging
yourself in the Lord so that you can defeat the discouraging darts
the enemy is throwing at you—to keep you from effective ministry
to others? Instead of letting depression, despair and discouragement
rule his behavior, David prayed to God, listened to what God said and
then immediately did what God told him to do. It’s not easy, but my
challenge for you—whether you feel like it or not—is to follow David’s
example: Call for your Ephod-and start the self-encouragement cycle

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Printed with permission from Bill Allison


"I had a much stronger awareness of setting intentions and ffirmations with my son after reading this eBook. I felt more empowered to set a positive tone for our day. The best part is that I thought I was doing this for my son, but I also benefited from it by feeling more positive about setting intentions to have a wonderful day.

Also when my son was ill, he kept waking up and calling my name and I sensed he was wanting reassurance that he would be ok. I would repeat over and over that he was ok and very healthy. I also encouraged him to ask God to help him. He seemed soothed by that. Instead of feeling helpless and wondering what to say to him, I felt confident that what I was saying was valuable and I feel my confidence allowed him to rest more deeply. It was comforting to me to see him visibly relax with the affirmation that he was ok and healthy. He would repeat the word healthy over and over. It was so sweet."

- Lorilynn
from Sedona, AZ 

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Tip of the Week

Every person on this earth has an overwhelming desire to be loved, to be wanted, to be appreciated. To the extent we can fulfill this desire…will we find happiness ourselves.

- Anonymous

Words of Encouragement
For Friends and Family:

“Are You Struggling To Find Words of Encouragement and Inspiration To Help and Heal Those You Love?  But Find Yourself At A Loss For Words?”

Then Here’s A Story That Might Help…


My friend was dying on the inside…and I couldn’t encourage her. “I am in so much pain and I need help!” My mind reeled from the agonizing sobs and the story she told.

My teenage daughter cried all day and all night when she thought her world was falling apart. What words could I say to bring her hope and encourage her to continue on?

What about you?  Do you struggle to get out of bed afraid of what you might be facing?  Do you try and try and feel like you are never enough? What do you need to encourage you?

Maybe you are like me, hurting inside for the pain you, your friends, colleagues and family are going through, and not having a clue what to do next. Or maybe you need to encourage someone to start over, go back to school, and pursue their passion.

What if there was some place you could go to learn to start small…and encourage someone you love feel good again?

A personal letter of encouragement
From the desk of Kay Gramm

Dear Fellow Encourager,

Have you ever sat across the table from your friend or family member and wondered what you could say to encourage them to get through a difficult time in their life?

I listened as my friend described the marriage problems that threatened to change her life forever. I felt increasingly inadequate and struggled to keep my voice calm as I frantically searched for the right words to say to encourage her. Do you have a friend who is trying to accomplish something new, a child not sure what direction his life should take? Perhaps a co-worker is going through major stresses that are affecting her job and spilling over to your life too.
Or maybe you need to encourage someone to go back to school, start their own business, to follow their dreams. If you can relate to any of these circumstances or a hundred other different scenarios, encouragement is what you need to help them reach their goals.  Many people go to bed hungry, not for food, but for a word of encouragement. We speak an average of 6000 words a day and many words carelessly spoken can cause pain and heartache. 

I knew I wanted to be the kind of friend and parent to say encouraging, inspiring words to those I love who need help.

Life is tough-each of us experiences disappointment, loss and crisis in the form of sickness, injury, financial problems, divorce and struggles with relationships.
Depression is at an all time high and costs us millions in lost time and lives.  
What words could I say to make a difference in others’ lives and give them hope and courage to keep going…

I wish I could tell you everything turned out for good in my friends’ story, but unfortunately it did not.  Several months after feeling frustrated over not knowing what to say, I started a serious study of learning what people need to challenge them to go on in their journey, especially after a crisis.

But even though it was too late to help my friend, I discovered many treasures that I want to share with you--the greatest power of healing known to man--the power of encouragement.

You can change your attitude and any relationship with others if you learn these principles.  Knowing how to influence your children in a positive way will help them to reach their full potential.  Not learning these principles can hurt them.

Do you know how to begin to help…

To Break down the walls
To Build bridges
To Heal wounds and bring Hope…

Knowing the step by step process to give hope and encourage yourself and others ensures you will never be at loss for the right words to say to treasure hunt discouragement into encouragement and help others feel inspired.   Time is your most precious resource and now is the time to learn how to inspire others and yourself to live a purpose-filled life!
Knowing how to encourage yourself and others brings purpose, passion,  potential, and power to live a positive, confident and healthy life.

Learn the right words to say to impact others in a positive way!
Inside this ebook you will learn the secret of:

  • The four most important phrases to say to encourage people
  • How to understand people’s greatest needs
  • How to face your own fears and encourage yourself
  • What you should never say to a friend
  • Enjoy more friends than you can keep up with
  • Specific encouraging phrases to say to struggling friends
  • Living with purpose and passion in your life
  • How to genuinely care for others
  • Encouragement quotes from experts in the field…condensed and ready for you to apply, right at your fingertips, such as: 

“I have found that among its other benefits, giving encouragement liberates the soul.” Maya Angelou

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

I especially love this quote:
The finest gift you can give anyone is encouragement. Yet, almost no one gets the encouragement they need to grow to their full potential. If everyone received the encouragement they need to grow, the genius in most everyone would blossom and the world would produce abundance beyond the wildest dreams. We would have more than one Einstein, Edison, Schweitzer, Mother Theresa, Dr. Salk and other great minds in a century.”Sidney Madwed

After reading this, you can understand how encouragement will change your life and the lives of those around you.

Mark thought howtoencourage ebook had great insight:

        I read almost every word and tears came to me several times.  Your insight and research is right on and could be published and distributed to moms and dads of youth, employers, employees, coaches, teachers, volunteer workers, youth pastors, pastors and care givers and to psychologists  and to all who are trying to help others.  It is a real poring out of some great insights that I have needed for a long time in my  own life and  and am sure others can benefit from  this also.
        I liked the idea of taking excerpts from all kinds of authors and bringing them into one  central theme on encouragement so that you do not have to read their whole book.

- Mark Zanger from Nappanee, IN

Teresa says this book helped her kids to smile again!

        Wow!  I'm so thankful that I took the time to read your ebook about how to encourage others.  As a mother of 4, I especially appreciated the section relating to children.  While I have always known that encouragement is important, I haven't taken the time to really study the subject and purposefully incorporate it daily.  This ebook motivated me to refocus and apply what I've learned.  I'm more positive, sincere in my comments, and joyful as I look for ways to encourage my family. The biggest bonus is seeing the smile on their faces as they sense my approval and then happily pass it on to each other.
        Believe me when I say there is nothing like this collection of information anywhere else.  I've looked!  This will save your most precious resource—TIME—because it is all right here at your computer!

Encouragement quotes from experts in the field…condensed and ready for you to apply, right at your fingertips.

Immediately begin learning the healing words that can stimulate people in a powerful way to redirect their focus and give them hope, even in the midst of difficult situations!

These tools save you time, money and energy; sources of power for you. Don’t waste any more time worrying if what you say makes a difference because you will learn you can make a difference choosing the right words to say. 

You will be ahead in the relationship game as you learn these secrets to making friends smile. Everything you need to know about encouraging others and yourself in this one ebook form—easy to download on your computer now. You can begin to study right here in the comfort and convenience of your home or office. Click here to begin to pull your loved ones from the pit of despair and change your attitude as well.

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Discover the limitless power of encouragement
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Kay Gramm
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P.S. You may never have a chance to impact a life again!  You never know when a moment and a few encouraging words can make a difference in a life!  Never worry again if others will remember you or what you say. BE PREPARED to absolutely LOVE the INSPIRING DIFFERENCE you will be able to make in people’s lives!

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